Dal forno dei Fratelli Cravero a Barolo

Our story began in 1979 when we bought the historical oven situated in front of the medieval Barolo castle.

At that time, our production of breadsticks was still limited, but over they years they have become our best-loved product.

At the end of the 90s, the bakery moved to new premises in the village’s main square and stopped baking bread in order to focus entirely on our best-known and acclaimed product, our hand-rolled breadsticks.

Grissinificio Cravero - Barolo (CN) - Grissini artigianali stirati a mano

We expanded our small range of products with maize biscuits and hazelnut cakes, the traditional sweet treats of the province of Cuneo, followed by the addition of our “foglie”, a fragrant and delicious snack. Over the years we have maintained exactly the same ritual, the goodness of the ingredients and, above all, our love for a job that is born in our hands.