Making Cravero “hand-rolled” breadsticks

Over the years, breadsticks have become our main product. Now, years later, we still make them by hand, respecting tradition. All the ingredients are rigorously natural and we do not add any flavourings. The flours we use are from artisan mills that still produce prestigious cereals.


The dough is made in the morning and after skilful manual kneading, it is placed on 6 kilo trays to rise for about 4 hours in a warm place.
After we roll it by hand, the dough is cut into small cylinders about 2 cm wide and then stretched by spreading the arms out. This is a very delicate operation and is possible thanks to the length of time for which the dough rises, which conveys elasticity and softness to the pasta. After being rolled, the breadsticks are baked for 20 minutes at 280°C and are ready to accompany your dishes and snacks.