Artisanal breadsticks

A product of antique Piedmontese tradition, "hand-rolled" breadsticks


Packaging available: 250 and 500 g

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Remembering the teachings of our territory, which has upheld farming traditions and kept the secrets of ancient recipes for thousands of years, we work with care and passion, selecting the best ingredients in order to offer artisanal products with no added flavourings or preservatives.

Our hand-rolled breadsticks are the result of the meticulous selection of the ingredients and a slow production process. We use flours from the Sobrino Mill which, just like in the olden days, stone grinds traditional varieties of prestigious cereals.

Long natural leavening, hand rolling and short baking at a high temperature make the breadsticks fragrant and tasty, ready to accompany your aperitifs or be served with your meals.

Types of breadsticks and packaging

Classic: the traditional breadstick with no added flavouring, only the essential ingredients: soft wheat flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, brewer’s yeasts and sea salt. Ideal with cured meats and cheeses.

Rosemary: traditional breadstick with the addition of ground rosemary, which gives a delicious fragrance and flavour.

Olive: with freshly milled olives. Delicious with fresh and delicate cheeses.

Chilli: a more extravagant flavour thanks to the chilli that we add to the dough.

Walnuts: rich in vitamins, walnuts make the perfect contribution to the daily diet.

Hazelnuts: prestigious roast “Hazelnuts” make breadsticks delicate and delicious, especially with the prized D.O.P. cheeses of the province of Cuneo.

Sesame seeds: the particular taste of sesame seeds makes these breadsticks ideal for rich aperitifs.

Whole wheat: made with whole wheat flour, for fibre-rich breadsticks.

Spelt: we mix wheat flour with spelt flour. Spelt is a cereal that has been known for its nutritious properties since ancient times and is ideal for a modern, healthy diet.

Kamut: the high quality Kamut variety of flour makes breadsticks crumbly, light and easy to digest.

Maize: maize flour is added to the traditional dough, for a flavour that’s just waiting to be discovered!

7 cereals: a mixture of flours, which give the breadstick a refined taste, ideal with cured meats and mature cheeses.

Curious facts: the birth of the breadstick

Hand-rolled breadsticks were born in Turin in 1679, at the court of the Royal House of Savoy. Vittori Amedeo TT, the king’s son, couldn’t digest bread dough, so his father asked his bakers to create a small, thin and more easily digestible type of bread. And so the “Ghersa” was born, and this name generated the term “Grissino”, or breadstick.

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Packaging available: 250 and 500 g

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